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Ancient Egypt


Challenge  ☆☆☆☆☆

You are part of an Egyptian archaeological team that has finally reached the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II, who was known for keeping Moses from leaving Egypt. Amongst the treasures in the tomb is a hidden note left behind by a famous archaeologist who has been missing for many years. What will this note reveal? What other secrets have been laid to rest here? A mystery that has been concealed in the Pharaoh’s tomb for thousands of years awaits you.


Participants: 4-10



Stringer Requiem


Challenge  ☆☆☆

My children, when you hear my voice, your souls will awaken. You have eyes, but are blinded by darkness. You have hands, but are chained by reality. You have souls, but are lost in endless confusion and repression. Now, with the awakening of your soul, you have found the strength to break the chains and find your way through the darkness. Go ahead, my children, get to know your current reality as it is more tragic than that of hell and  seek a freedom that is more beautiful than paradise.


* Basic Music Knowledge Required

Participants: 2-6


The Kitchen of Hell


Challenge  ☆☆☆☆

You and a group of your friends are off seeking adventure when you stumble upon an abandoned house. Things quickly go wrong when you discover that a few of your friends have gone missing! Trapped in a remote town where no-one will hear your cries, how will you make it out alive? It is up to you to find your missing friends and escape this hellish house before it’s too late! This is an adventure of a life-time, if you live to talk about it.


Participants: 4-6



Bloody Moonlight


Challenge  ☆☆☆☆

You are transported back to nineteenth century Europe, to a world in which there has been a  war raging between vampires and werewolves. The war which has lasted for centuries is finally drawing to a close. The great vampire king Jacob has almost exterminated the world of werewolves, however, one final step needs to be completed before vampires can reign supreme.  You are just a powerless human being in this supernatural world and constantly fear for your life. One fateful night as you are walking through the gloomy streets of your town you are suddenly knocked unconscious. You awaken hours later, to find out that you have been captured by a female vampire who now has you locked up in a cage. As night falls, she leaves you unattended but you don’t know for how long. This is your chance to escape!The question that haunts you is why are you caged up? You have no idea that what awaits you is more horrifying than what you could have ever imagined. You are the final ingredient in a story that is filled with revenge, love and hatred.


Participants: 2-6




7500 Woodbine Avenue, Unit 108

Markham, Ontario, L3R 1A8
TEL:  905-415-9361

BOOKING NOW 905-415-9361

We operate a real life escaping game. You enter a theme room of your choices and will be locked in the room for whatever reasons. Your mission is that escape the room within an hour. You can find numerous clues, puzzles,hints which will help you to escape.

The escaping game will offer you not only a lot of fun, but also help you to exercise problem solving and brainstorming skills.

For safety reasons, all rooms equipped with camera and are constantly monitored by staff.Food and drink are not permitted in our theme rooms.


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Business Hour:
Mon-Thu, Sun : 2:00 pm ——12:00 am

Fri—Sat :            12:00 pm——2:00 am

(Visits outside regular hour by reservation only.)

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